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A young Imperial Eagle in distress was accepted by the Wildlife Rescue team of Green Balkans. Summer storms threaten the rare species.
The bird arrived on June 27th 2011 helpless, showing signs of overall weakness and severe stress. The young Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliacal) at an assessed age of 55 days was found by staff of the Klisura Forestry Unit in the area of the nest where it hatched.
Just few weeks before fledging, the eaglet most possibly became a victim of the recent storms, which hit Bulgaria. The strong winds have blown the inexperienced eaglet and deprived it of the safety of its nest and parental care.

The bird in distress was immediately transported by the foresters and submitted to the staff of Green Balkans. Our team also reacted at once and rendered first aid to the eaglet on field, even before its transport and accommodation at the Rescue Centre.

Our experience shows that such immediate reactions are of key importance for the favourable outcome of the treatment of such birds in distress. In the Rescue Centre the eaglet was carefully examined by our experts, who will consider its overall condition and state to assess its future chances. Of course, our hopes are that the eaglet will fully recover and will be capable to live into its natural environment.

The parents of the eaglet are the only pair which breeds in the area of Sredna gora Mountains. The survival of the birds of that isolated pair is therefore crucial, considering the fact that the main part of the population of these magnificent birds is situated in Southeastern Bulgaria.

We would like to thank the staff of the Klisura Forestry Department, as well as the experts from RIEW Plovdiv, who assisted the transport of the rare bird to the team of Green Balkans.

For more information, please contact:
Gradimir Gradev – Imperial Eagle field activities coordinator
e-mail:, phone: +359 885 609289

Dr. Hristina Klisurova – PR, Wildlife Rescue Centre:
е-mail:, phone: +359 0886570053

Liubomira Krivoshieva – Wildlife Rehabilitator
e-mail:, phone: +359 885228486

The activities are within the project “Conservation measures for target species of the EU Birds Directive – Lesser Kestrel, Black Vulture, and Imperial Eagle in their main habitats in Bulgaria”. The project is implemented by Green Balkans with the financial assistance of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through Environment OP 2007-2013 (, Axis 3 “Preservation and restoration of biodiversity”: project No 58301–60-480, Contract No 58301 – С – 008, procedure BG161PO005/08/3/01/05.

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Concerned foresters submit the eaglet to the Green Balkans' staff First aid for the young eagle Preparation for transport to the Rescue Centre... and sound in a cardboard box
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The eaglet got additional medicines in the surgery room A group of journalists also welcomed the unlucky eaglet
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