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Yet another young Imperial Eagle with a dramatic faith
Kalina the young Imperial Eagle, as called by nature conservationalists, could not fly well during an attempt to return in into the wild.
The Wildlife Rescue staff at Green Balkans has been caring after the young eaglet for over a month, trying to recover it. The bird arrived helpless at the Centre of Green Balkans in August, with an injured wing. Young Kalina gradually recovered and fed on her own, raising our hopes that she would successfully adapt back into nature. Therefore on October 11th 2011 Green Balkans joined by colleagues from BSPB who earlier rescued the eaglet, initiated a release. The eperts chose the area of Sakar – the natal site of the young eagle. Unfortunately, the eaglet failed to fly during the release, despite the few attempts it made. The health problems of the young birds are probably greater than expected and the eaglet has not managed to fully recover. The young Imperial Eagle was therefore returned back to the Rescue Centre where the staff will continue our efforts to recover it and adapt it to living into the wild. In case these efforts fail, Kalina will remain in the Rescue Centre and become a part of the breeding and educational programme of the Centre.

This case once again proves that we are not always capable as experts to help the animals in distress, despite all our efforts and care. Representatives of two nature conservation organizations united tried to give the eaglet a chance, but their efforts were currently in vain.

We are however not going to give up and will keep on trying to rescue rare and threatened species.

For more information, please contact:

Gradimir Gradev –Imperial Eagle Fieldwork Coordinator
e-mail: , mobile phone: +359 885609289

Liubomila Krivoshieva –Wildlife Rehabilitatior – Wildlife Rescue Centre
e-mail: , mobile phone: +359 885228486

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Final preparations The eaglet was tagged with a transmitter The unsuccessful flight We had to bring the eaglet back to the Rescue Centre
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